Saturday, February 24, 2018

Find out which council staff members tipped the top at annual awards ceremony

The annual WOW Awards were held in the Council Chamber, with senior officials and lead members presenting winners with their awards.


Categories included a People’s Choice award – with winners voted for by the public – along with Role Models and whole-team awards.

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council, said: “I’m always very pleased to be able to present awards to those winners of the annual WOW Awards at Wrexham Council.

“We have an excellent workforce here at the council, and it’s right that those who go above and beyond are recognised and commended for their efforts.

“I congratulate all those who received awards this year –they should all be very proud of themselves.”

The full list of categories, winners and those who were Highly Commended is as below:

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Source: (Thu Aug 31st 2017)

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Leanne Hughes
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