Sunday, May 27, 2018

Funding for the development of Community Projects

How Cardiff Council manages Section 106 funding for the development of community projects goes before the Environmental Scrutiny Committee tomorrow (January 16, 2018). ;

Members will hear the Cabinet response to the recommendations of a scrutiny inquiry into the funding process that was presented last September. ;

Section 106 funding is money given by developers for social and community projects as part of the planning process. The Environmental Scrutiny Committee report titled ‘Management of Section 106 Funding for the Development of Community Projects' mainly focused on how the decision making process for allocating these monies could be improved to ensure that local priorities are taken into account. ;

Chair of the Environmental Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Ramesh Patel said: "The Task and Finish Inquiry recommended a simplified single process for allocating Section 106 funding based on elements such as the assessment and validation of project ideas and supporting resources. It is so important that we make this source of funding as streamlined and fit-for-purpose as possible so that the money makes maximum impact within communities across the city." ;

Tomorrow's meeting is at 4:30pm and will be webcast live here:

Source: (Mon Jan 15th 2018)

Leanne Hughes
Leanne Hughes
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