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Application for a larger bin

On request for a larger bin, our Waste & Recycling Wardens will send out an application form to the relevant householder. On return of the application, an assessment is made. Following this assessment an audit of the residents bin is carried out by the Warden, usually on the householders next residual collection day. 

An assessment is made on whether the householder requires an additional capacity bin based on whether the amount of non-recyclable waste present is more than can be contained in the standard 140l bin. If there are any recyclables present in the wheelie bin, the Warden will fail the application. If the warden deems that the householder is recycling everything possible and still has excess waste that cannot be placed in the 140l bin with the lid completely closed then the application will be passed. 

A letter is sent to the resident informing them of the outcome of the application. If successful the additional capacity bin is delivered within 10 days. 

If they are not using the recycling services as requested then advice is provided along with recycling containers where necessary. 

There is also an appeal process where the Wardens will carry out a second audit on request if the householder can provide a valid suggestion on why the original audit didnt reflect their usual fortnightly build-up of waste. 

Only one appeal per household is accepted, unless the circumstances of the householders change. 

Requests for a larger bin can be made by phoning  (01685) 725138.

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